Here we go…

Like the click, click, click, click of the chain that pulls you up the rollercoaters, you are now locked in the seat and riding up the ramp of hair (that is either limp-and- lifeless or frizzy-beyond-belief) rollercoaster. But before you pull a Brittney (Spear’s that is, and shave it all off), or lock yourself in your house for the next 3 months; know these words, “You got the power.”

Ultimately, summer is the time to minimize the effects of humidity so you can maintain your hairstyle. (Duh!) To do this work with the natural texture of your hair. Rather than fighting to smooth and straighten curly hair, select a style that emphasizes your natural waves. If your hair is straight, don’t waste your time setting your locks into curls that will inevitably fall flat in the summer heat, go sleek and sexy.

So get your products a-ready, style, and do it in style.  Truly the master of this ride… you will become!