Okay… you have a first date tonight, and you REALLY like him! … And the time is ticking, ticking, TICKING.  ‘Cause you spent an extra twenty minutes on figuring out your outfit.  Damn! Those first five outfits were: too frumpy, too sexy, too conservative, too summery, too much like your mother… So, standing in a sea of clothes… you found the dress that will wow him.  It is outfit number six— finally perfect when paired with your favorite earrings and clutch of course!

Now, the icing on the cake will be your hot hairstyle to go with the absolutely fab dress…

…but you are oh-so-bored with your hair.  It is the same hair from this morning, and yesterday, and even the YEAR before.  You aren’t Angelina Jolie with stylists, asking you “how would you like me to do your hair today Ms. Jolie?”

What to do?!?!

Edda says, “GO DEEP!  A deep side part, that is.  The deeper the part, the more open your eyes appear. You will look beautiful…with a hint of sexy!”

To get the most drama, use the highest point of your eyebrow as a point of reference. On your already blow-dried hair, start at the hairline and “draw” the comb straight back to the top of your crown to create the part. Lightly spray medium-hold hairspray onto a boar bristle brush and brush hair on both sides away from the part to set it. Next, spray hair all over with a lightweight hairspray. For the piece de resistance, use a small amount of shine serum along the part line to add that little bit of extra sparkle!

And there you have it!  Now walk, I mean strut out the door looking fabulous and fresh! …Now, let’s just hope that you don’t get food stuck in your teeth at dinner. Here are some more ideas that you might enjoy.