‘Tis the season and the list is long of all the functions you need to go to and all the things you need to get done. You are trying your hardest to make it beautiful, but beauty doesn’t come from a long list of to-dos.

Beauty and wonder are made of magic and that means you need to tap the magic of the season and the magic in you, like Buddy from the movie “Elf.  

Learn to follow every desire and make the holidays yours!! A beautiful holiday season starts with you…feeling beautiful. Here are some ideas that will spark some ideas… whatever you do make the holidays yours!

  • PAJAMA PARTY – Tell all your guests to attend the holiday party sans clothing—PJ’s only allowed! Bring on the snowflake covered flannel footies. Have a Best PJ Outfit Contest!
  • DONATION MOTIVATION  Don’t need any more unscented white candles? Request that family members pool together what they would spend on gifts and donate the larger amount to a meaningful charity in your Family’s name.
  • GAME NIGHT  any holiday party could benefit from group games. Celebrity is one of my favorites.
  • SPA DAY don’t know what to give your girlfriends? Make it more of a group experience where everyone goes out for a blowout style and make-over.
  • BRING IT OUT - Instead of staying home this holiday season, go with your family to volunteer at any nonprofit or community organization.
  • YOU’RE SO CRAFTY–Round up your immediate family to build and create gifts to give to relatives. Family members will greatly appreciate the time and creativity.
  • FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS--Have everyone pitch in and charter a bus or limousine to tour the best holiday light displays.
  • ON THE BIG SCREEN--Gather your closest friends and have a movie party at the theater. Movie theaters remain open Christmas Day. Or rent a bunch of holiday favorites and bring the theater to your home.
  • HOLIDAY TEA TIME– find a lovely restaurant that serves afternoon tea, invite your family, or your friends and make an afternoon of delicious snacks and tea with loved ones.
  • BAKING BONANZA  love to bake, but want company? Have some of your favorite friends over and bake and decorate together!
  • WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERALAND  take in the beauty of the season on foot, while reinvigorating yourself and getting some exercise.
  • COOKIE EXCHANGE invite favorite friends or family members to bake and bring several batches each of one treat. Guests can sample the goodies while trading equal amounts. The goal: Everyone takes home an array of delicious desserts for a fraction of the effort. Now that’s a sweet deal.