Deeeeeeep Thoughts….”I grabbed a lock of my hair today and looked at it for the first time in months. Not from the view of the mirror, but with my very own eyes. It reminded me of my mother’s old itchy afghan sweater…I don’t like that sweater…”

Have you noticed your hair lately? Dry, listless and frizzy?

And, no matter how many Jack Handey affirmations you tell yourself… your hair just ain’t going to getting any better? Then throw away the deep thoughts, because it’s time for a Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Common signs that your hair needs deep conditioning: when the hair strands are brittle, dry, unmanageable and easily broken; split ends are easily visible in very damaged hair; or your hair is becoming more and more tangly. Don’t fret–there’s hope! If any of these conditions are present, then it is time for a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Your hair needs a new source of nourishment supplemented to keep it in proper shape and luster.

Whatever the color, styling or texture of your hair, it needs nourishment to stay healthy. And especially now that winter is starting to take it’s toll on your hair, most nutrients are being depleted. Deep Conditioners penetrate deeper than your traditional conditioner and replenish moisturizing nutrients back into the cuticle and add protein molecules back into the hair shaft.  Our innocent daily lives are to blame for the loss–nutrients have been removed by going from cold outside and dry heat inside, daily activities, repeated use of heat tools, and some styling products. This depletion also happens during the winter from hats and scarves and during summer from sun and wind.

There are all sorts of treatments available to protect your hair from further damage—for color treated hair, for fine hair, for curly hair… it’s easy to find the best for you. Most salons will have deep conditioning treatments–Ask your stylist to schedule extra time in for a treatment at your next appointment. Can’t wait for your next salon visit? Some of my favorites that you can get at the store are: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner, and Frizz-Ease Reinforce Strengthening Triple Creme Masque.

And that is because your hair is good enough, smart enough and well… (gosh darn it) worth it!