Has this happened to you?  You’re looking through an old photo album.  Pics of you when your where younger and one of your kids asks, “Who’s that pretty lady in your photo album?” ARGH! You are not alone, sister.  It is middle age.  But if this is the middles ages, why do we act like its the Dark Ages?  Really, when did the term Middle Age become synonymous for Rock Bottom? I know it happens slowly.  It’s not like one day you said, “That’s it! I am putting my foot down, no more taking care of myself!” But there was a day, when you were too tired, or too busy, or had too many other things to do.  Then, one day became two, and two became three.  Before you knew it you got used to ponytails, mom jeans and shapeless shirts.  You used to take the time; you used to “have time.” Even though you may disagree, I am telling you it wasn’t because of playdates, soccer, baseball, and dance classes. It was because of you. You changed your perspective. You decided that YOU didn’t make the “top 10,000 concerns”. So you threw on your “mom jeans” and t-shirt and put your hair back in a ponytail and headed to school drop off. Watch this SNL video… is it a little close to home? 
Well my lovelies… it’s time to suit up (doesn’t have to be a full suit),  time to dump the frump. Draw the line… pull out the ponytail, headbands and hairclips. Make a stand, start a movement. Be a Woman first. Don’t know how to? Let me help you email me: edda@eddacoscioni.com.  Let’s turn your middle age into your Golden Age.  No more rock bottom, just your cute bottom.