We are two months into the New Year,  and your resolutions have gone out the window… You might have said things like: “I resolve to be BETTER this year!” “Better, thinner, faster!” “Oh and more effecient.”  You lined up and asked to be the next Six Million Dollar Man.  (“We can rebuild him, we have the technology…”) You loaded up on books, scales and nicoret. Signed up for healthclubs, yoga classes, and online dating. WHY?  If it pleases the court, I ask why? ‘Cause someone is gonna love that NEW YOU.

We spend billions of dollars as a country trying to find the NEW US.  I say screw the new you, how about 2013 is the year of YOU.  Yes… YOU.

You say, “Edda have you lost your marbles?!  Have you seen me?” Well damn girl, I have seen you and your un-scrubbed hair about every six weeks… Yeah… I DON’T believe that your “YOU” is all about wearing yoga pants and sitting on the couch, wondering what show to watch.  Your YOU is the one that used to delight in fun-filled afternoons, who tooks classes becauses they sounded exciting, who wanted to look good because you felt good, who went on dates cause it was fun meeting new people and having wild, silly, and outrageously cool evenings.  That is the YOU I wish for.  Let’s embark on a fabulous journey of making 2013 the year that you live with passion, satisfaction, and vitality. With this in mind pick one thing that would make you leap for joy if you accomplished it, and make it happen.  That’s the YOU I want for you.

…and stay tuned for ideas for your “YOU.”