BANGS. We love them, we love the way the look on models. We love them long and sideswept, or short and pixy-like, or straight and heavy. And this spring it is one of the hottest trends — fabulous bangs. But before you take the plunge, consider these points:

Consider the upkeep. Bangs take regular trims AND need to be styled every day.

Bangs look best on hair that’s naturally straight, but you can pull them off if you have wavy hair and blow them out straight.

If you do get them, remember dry bangs first before drying the rest of your hair. To do so hold the nozzle of your dryer straight down on your bangs, blasting the air downward. Use a medium denman brush to style or use a flat iron and comb.

If you want bangs, but feel timid your best bet is longer sideswepted bangs, they are the easiest to grow out if you change your mind.

Last, if you are afraid to give it a try … DON’T WORRY… REALLY… within two weeks you can start to change the shape and within a couple of haircuts (depending on how short you go) they can get integrated back into your style.