In a few short minutes you can go from looking dead tired to drop dead gordeous and most of that is how you put on your foundation.

I am assuming of course that you have a foundation that matches your skin tone.  (How do you do that?? When shopping for it, test it on either your jawline or the inside of your wrist. If it matches, you are good!)  Now that we got that down here’s what you gotta’ do:

  1. Either with a  foundation brush or your fingers apply your concealer (or highlighter) under and around the eyes; around and under your nose; and (if you have them) in your smile lines.  Blend.  THIS IS SOOOOO CRITICAL. This step takes away the shadows that late nights, lack of sleep, and wrinkles are creating.
  2. Now, switch to your foundation. With your brush (or fingers) begin to apply your foundation.  Further blending your concealer and smoothing out your skin (freckles, age spots, etc).  Make sure to apply foundation over your whole face (including your eyelids). WATCH OUT FOR TOO MUCH FOUNDATION. Foundation that is too heavy can make you look fake.  If this happens, blot some of it off with a damp washcloth.
  3. Blend… and then blend.  After you blend, blend some more.  You want to look fresh, with an even skin tone. The foundation should look like your skin, not like there is makeup on.
  4. Last, double-checking for any redness (around the eyes) or shadows (bags or wirnkles).  Of course you can’t get rid of the wrinkles… that’s not the point, you just want to soften the shadow that they make.

VOILA! Get this down and the rest of your make up will be so easy.  Promise! 

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