Have you moved to frumpy town?  Are you noticing your “curb appeal” ain’t all that appealing?  Time to renovate! Whether it’s a total rehab or your just redecorating let’s look at the most important thing.  Time to CHANGE your perspective.  Normally you would say something like, “I have all these other things to do, I am not important… I can wait another week.” But let’s shift your mindset.  You being a martyr isn’t what gets the job done.  You holding how important you are and giving yourself at least as much as you give to family, work, and your community.  ‘Cause really, how much extra time does it take for you to look your best?  

It takes just as long to get dressed in an outfit that has WOW power as it does to put something on that is baggy in all the wrong places.  We just think it is MORE effort. Email me:  edda@eddacoscioni.com, I would be happy to give you a consultation.