Truth or dare? Truth.  When is the last time you have had a consultation on your cut?  Your hair color? Your makeup? 3 years?  5? TEN? How long have you been wearing that lipstick? Hmmm, can’t remember? Do you only change eye shadow when there is none left in your palette?!?

Girlfriend you have a case of “Stuck-in-a-rutous.”  It is a very serious disease.  Highly contagious too.  It can happen to anyone. It can occur at any time.  All it takes is you thinking that you looked best when… (you were in college, or high school, or the summer of ’89.) Truth be known, we might have to quarantine you and your wardrobe… or God forbid, maybe even burn it.

But there is a cure. Simple in fact.  One easy step done at least once a year (right along with your pap smears and breast exams).  It’s a CONSULTATION.  “What??” You’re thinking, “I got one of those when I first changed to my stylist.” And I answer with “Really? Are you really the same woman you were 10 years ago? 5? 3?” So much life happens to each of us in one year.  Our perspectives change, our jobs change, our families change.  Shouldn’t we reflect those changes in our makeup? Clothes? And hair?  Go! Get a consultation.  I DARE YOU!