There is no need for confession. I know, I know… I know. The REAL reason you come to the salon.  You say you need cut, color, highlighting … Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more.

So I book you. And we both go along with the whole ordeal– cutting and coloring and highlighting… until finally it is time. We arrive! The denouement!!

SHAMPOO — or scalp massage (put your tongue back in your mouth and wipe that drool off your chin).

It’s the crack-cocaine of the salon… scalp massages. We shampoo you, condition you, and massage your scalp ’till the cows come home. During which some of you lose your dignity – like a dog being pet on his underbelly.  You wriggle or maybe mmmmmmoan and groooooan (sometimes just a little too loud). And still other’s get caught up on their much needed ZZZZZ’s.

There are a few, to my utter shock, who sit and look perplexed (even a little bit annoyed with the whole process).  To which I quickly get it over with. Most of you are truly my scalp massage addicts. And I am your pusher.  “Would you like your water hotter or colder? How is the pressure? Does that feel good?”

“Oh… Yes. Yes. Yes. Mmmmmm! Oh yes!”

That’s when the other clients turn and say, “I will have what she is having.” To which I happily book you.