My algebra teacher had the best. It started from the back of his head wrapped all the way around to the left, round the front and finished up on his right ear. Perhaps he had a good 15 to 18 inches of hair to hide his balding
spot. I have always wondered what the algebraic equation would be for that … the sum of the length of hair (H) multiplied by weight of pomade (P) multiplied by minutes of spraying hairspray (T) = one righteous comb over.

Now it’s rare that I actually see a comb over like that anymore. But every once in awhile I do have to sit one of my clients down and have “the TALK”. You know the guy… his hair is starting to thin and he thinks, “I will just grow my hair a little longer and –” yep, you guessed it, “comb over to hide the thinning hair.”

But it’s like Buckminster Fuller said, “Less is More.” Really! Cut your hair. It will look fuller, you will look younger, and when you get right down to it, there is no better time, there many awesome men’s looks that embrace men’s hair as it is — look at Jude Law.

jude law