… on the other side of the fence. Or.. head, rather. Really, I mean out of all the hair in the universe, you ended up with — yours. Now you CAN blame your mother… or your father… or even, well your mother’s father. Damn them all. Truly.

Why did you have to the thin, limp, straight hair? Why couldn’t you have the thicker-than-a-tree-trunk, wirery, coarse hair? OR, the ever-so-curly-hair-that-makes-Sherly-Temple-look-wavey hair? WHY?

AND… for those of you tired of your thick, lumpy, curly hair; just what did you ever do to deserve the hours of not being able to ever to get it to do anything?  Why you can’t have stright?!?

You must be cursed. Or… is it karma from your last life? Yes, THIS is your hair karma. In your last life you had perfect hair that you never had to tease, so you teased everyone with bad hair.And now you gel, mouse, and straighten it; while you round brush, flat-iron, and curl it. And what do you have to show for all this work? Your hair is still… yoursssssssssss. (Oh, and you have great upper body strength.)

So… until you have repaid your karmic dues… get a good landscaper. Er- stylist that is.