You don’t have the TIME before you leave! Your just glad that you are getting out of town for 7 days (no boss, no
errands, no networking meetings.)  And REALLY… it’s not like anyone you know will see you in Europe/Mexico/Florida!  So… with your hands on your hips you say “WHY?”
“What is the big deal Edda?  Why get my hair cut and colored for vacation?”

OKEE DOKE! Except… that I will have proof of your out-grown highlights and your spit-ends.  Not that I am spying on you (though spying on you could be a SERVICE I offer) So, HOW will I know?!? ‘Cause you are going to tell me yourself… OR at least your vacation pics will.  You know on your I-phone/Instagram/Facebook… Just tweet “#outgrown hairstyle”.

“And here I am by the Eiffel Tower with outgrown, frizzy hair.” Say,”Cheese,”…  and then say, “DELETE!” ‘Cause those pics will haunt you; and everyone who knows you from high school, to your boss to your, to your hair stylist will see your roots (and I am not talking about your heritage here.)

So before you go just say, “Edda, book me for cut and color…” And I will make your vacation a beauty!