You believe yourself to be one of the few unlucky that was born with hair that never does anything right.  Perhaps if it had a higher IQ?  How do you pack for hair that WON’T do anything?!?  A Wig? Or maybe you can just bring your stylist with you… (I am sure that my family won’t mind me coming with.)

Well fear not! You can have hair that looks good… no GREAT… on vacation.  You just need to know what to know:

Going to the Ocean? Prepare for frizz.  The humidity and the salt will make undo anything that is straight and smooth. If you have curly hair, use a curl enhancer to encrease the curls.  Then take time to style the curls while damp and your curl enhancer in.  Read Looking for a Quicky – Curls  for more ideas. If you have straight hair or less curly, then bring items to put your hair up.  Your hair can feel limp and frizzy and your best to style by putting it up.

Going to the Mountains? Your hair will have less volume and curls; but you don’t have to battle humity.  Pack a root lifter and mouse.  Bring your blowdryer and round brush and prepare to take a little time styling your hair — it will hold.

Going to Europe? Remember to bring an adapter! But, know this… you overload your tools.  So… if you travel a lot to Europe, you would be better to buy European tools instead of using an adapter.