We don’t always have time for the long blow-out and styling session.  This month we will talk about how to take curly/frizzy hair and make it curly in all the right places in FIVE Minutes!

What you need: 1. Curl enhancer product, 2. hair spray, and 3. a curling iron (3/4″ thick).

Your hair should be MOSTLY dry, maybe a little damp.  Take a quarter sized amount of the curl enhancer.  Rub all over your hands.  Now, run your hands through your hair (all of it… roots to ends.)  This will help hold/enhance your curls.

Now with an hot curling iron you will add more curls.  Starting close to the face, take a section by the temple the size of a postage stamp.  Spray it with hair spray.  Curl it with the iron, holding for 6-8 seconds (until you feel the heat on the outside of the curl.) Now pull the iron down, leaving a ringlet.  Let the ringlet cool.  Continue this same process throughout the head.  Once done, spray a little more hair spray all over your hair.  Wait a moment, let all the curls cool.  Once your hair is cooled off (and set,) rake your fingers gently through your curls (the more your rake, the more the curls break up, so go about it gently.)  Spray a little hair spray to set the look.  Voila!

Things to consider:

1. The more you curl your hair the more styled it will look.

2. If you want some of your natural waves and curls to be a part of the style, you can curl less of your hair.

3. If you are by the ocean or salty water, you may have a hard time with the style keeping (as the moisture and salt water will wreak havok on your hair.) Use a great curl enhancing product, but come prepared with other tools — clips, pins, bands — to put your hair up.